• KLX 250 2018 Next Gen
    Proud new owner of a 2018 KLX 250 and not sure how much if any info from the prior Gen will xover, figured I would start a specific thread.Anyone else blessed
  • The KDX thread
    I did not see a dedicated thread to these popular trail machines, so I thought that I would attempt to start one. I have an '04 200, with a BD dual sport
  • KTM 640-let's see your tool kit?
    Guys,I'm a traveler.Using the idea that you should be able to remove all major components and remove/replace the cylinder and head if necessary,
  • Charging a Lithium battery
    Guys,Just picked up a almost new, 2017 KTM 350 EXC. I used a Battery Tender on my old KTM 2 stroke.Can I use a Battery Tender on this 350 LITHIUM BATTERY ? Is
  • GPX FSE250R
    Too soon? I think not!
  • KLR or DR650
    OK I have read a LOT of things about both, including all the things needed to be fixed on the KLR and the one (neutral indicator?) on the DR. Now I am talking
  • The SWM RS650R It's finally here owners thread
    Bit the bullet today and made a down payment to set things in motion.I'll pick up the first SWM 650 Enduro on March 5th if the roads are salt free then.Sta
  • KLX flush-mount rear signals?
    Anyone swap out their stockers for flush mounts? Id like to switch to flush mount leds in back, these wont last long in the woods.
  • Adventure Bike Builds under 400 lbs
    Post your light weight Adventure Bike Builds here. Criteria for this thread is:1. 200 mile fuel range2. Some type of panniers or soft luggage to accommodate a
  • NEW KTM 500 Two Stroke from BRC Racing
    Seeing as how Im an aficionado off all things two-smoke, and a firm believer in the no replacement for displacement mantra. Its time I stop cluttering the 300
    CDN Rick2018-03-16post:80
  • 2007 BMW F650GS Speedo/Odometer Not Working
    Hi yall,I hope someone can shed some light on an issue I have with my 2007 BMW F650GS. Please accept my apologies if its in the wrong place or already
  • XT660Z Tenere closed loop is lost
    HiI bought tenere 2013 from the first owner after he had ride 800 km.Now after 100 000 km I was ment to adjust the O2-optimizer for getting better A/F-ratio in
    Harri P2018-09-08post:1
  • Husqvarna 701RR Build
    David Coulthard2017-02-23post:227
  • Honda XR250 BAJA
    HiWho here has experience with a XR250 Baja? It has a steel tank, electric and kick start but is missing the dual headlight setup. Are they a good bike? The
  • Supercharged?
    This may be way out there but has anyone ever seen a supercharged thumper? Sure a turbo would be best for weight and WOT power output but having to use a low
  • CRF450X thread.....
    I did a search for another CRF450X thread, but none showed up, so I figured I would start one......I recently purchased a 05' CRF450X with a Baja Designs
  • Buying a bike that's been mostly sitting - what to look out for
    Im going to look at a bike (WR250R) that was bought new a year ago and has less than 100 miles. Seller said he rode it and tested it out a few weeks ago. Is
  • BETA 2-Stroke Thread. 250RR, 300RR, X-Trainer
    Starting this thread - as there doesnt appear to be any live threads dedicated to the 2-stroke BETA bikes in the Thumper sub forum.Im a new owner of a 2017
  • Debating Between Dual Sports
    About a year and a half ago, I decided to pick up my first dual sport bike (2017 WR250R). Me and my family have ridden street bikes for many years, but since I
  • 2008 KTM 690 won't start!
    Hey guys and gals, I purchased a 2008 690smc with 19k miles a few months back. The bike is a blast to ride, but I think Ive got the fuel pump problem. Bike was
  • Sr500
    Any SR500 riders out there? I love mine, but don't ride it near enough.
  • Thumpers That Ride Mountain Bikes & Bicycles
    Just got my first bicycle in decades. I need to rehab some injured parts of the body, but I also need cardio. Additionally, Ive always liked riding bicycles.
  • is a DR650 too big for my needs?
    This is going to be a very vague question but here goes. I am in the market for my first dual sport. I am 56 130 pounds with about 28-30 inch inseam. I have
  • Husqvarna 701 Rally build
    Before I bought H701 I knew there are quite a few companies that offer various fairings to make H701 more appropriate for adventure travelling or even for real
  • Ebay levers
    Has anyone tried levers off eBay? I’d like some shorty 2-ginger levers for my KTM 350 but do t really want to spend $100 give or take. Any experience with
  • 2018 KTM 500 exc-f rack
    Here is the beginning of some pictures and drawings of the rack my neighbor designed and built for my 500. First time posting pics so excuse any mistakes.Sent
  • Husqvarna 701 SM vs Enduro Whats the difference?
    Hi guys, I wanted a 701 Enduro for a very long time, but they are very very rare here, now a 2017 701 SM came up for sale so Im considering buying that and
  • KTM owners 690 End R -140/80 tire choices
    My nearly new 690 Enduro R needs a rear tire. OEM is a MT21 140/80. What other brands have you KTM690 owners used? I don't see many choices in this tire
  • The TT600 Thread
    There are a few threads out there for the XT600, but I haven't been able to find one specifically for the TT600.As I have found out over the last few
  • Real Photos of a KTM 640 Adventure
    I have been using the search button and came up empty. I would like to see some real pics from the owners of 640 KTM Adventures. I love my XR but for some
  • EXCF/FE 250/350 on the street
    Im looking for a light weight dual sport (under 260 lbs wet) that I can ride on the street and do the odd hour or two at 65 mph to get home from a DS ride. It
    Garnet Grylls2018-04-21post:15
  • Transforming the Husqvarna TE610 - From Thumper to ADV Machine
    Whats the difference between a great thumper and a true adventure bike? Thats one hell of a rabbit hole, and a discussion that belongs (and probably exists)
  • Tire Discussion-Husqvarna 701 Super Moto and Enduro
    How about a thread to discuss tire preferences/experiences/options!I have 1250 miles on my stock TKC80s with plenty of tread-not my favorite tire. I have a
    PYG RYDR2018-03-22post:29
  • Ktm 390 adventure Spain!
  • Yamaha XT500
    Anyone here have a XT500? My buddy and I have a few MINT MINT MINT xt500's and are about to switch over to a HUSKY 610TE. Still keeping the XT's, but
  • Need help picking a bike that can handle everything
    Im in the market for a dual sport and Ive gotten really confused when it comes to looking at riding two up on different manufacturers frames. I didnt realize
  • Tm 530 Black Dream Supermoto
    Has any one seen, sat on or test rode one of the ultra exotic Italian thumpers...Tm has made 4 strokes for a few years ( 2 strokes since 1976)...but this new
  • BMW G650X Issue Log (xCountry, xChallenge, xMoto)
    In lieu of the various electrical gremlins a lot (all?) of the G650xCountry owners seem to be running into, I thought it would be a good idea to assemble a
  • 2003 Husaberg FE 501
    Looking at buying a 2003 Husaberg it quite good condition, wanted to peoples opinions about how it would fair against newer bikes. Also with a 15 year old
    Ben F2018-09-06post:2
  • 2008 KTM 530 EXC-R Complete (XC4) Engine Rebuild
    · Remove the suction pumpRemove 2 screws and cover Remove external and internal rotors. CAREFUL – there is a pin in here.Remove O-ring.I noted some scoring on
  • 690R carburetor conversion mod.
    Dazed Productions said:You need to check your sources as when applied to bikes this statement is just plain wrong. . The weight difference should not be a
    Seth S2011-03-02post:291
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan
    This could be the one, the one that delivers a simple tough round the world bike.
  • KTM 690 Rocker arm issues again
    Last year, I rebuilt my engine due to a pretty harsh rocker arm failure. The rocker arm bearing seized, and jammed a valve into the cylinder causing the piston
  • Lets see your WR250R Adventure Bike!!
    Someone needed to start this thread so here it is:..............................................................................................................
  • '99 BMW 650 Funduro: Need electrical guru!
    Long story short, I screwed up my old bike- 99 BMW F650 Funduro. I cranked it over for a minute or so without one plug grounded, while trying to prime/bleed
  • XR650R Desert Racer
    I thought I would share my build here in hopes of getting any insight I may have missed from those who have gone through this, and to spark others into sharing
  • What is your experience with hitch carriers?
    Will be carrying 280 pound bike on back of 4Runner. Well within load specs. Be drivingacross country several times. Looking for input as to what to expect:
  • 2018 125 RR-S Supermoto
    I searched for quite some time and could not find a thread on the Supermoto version of the Beta 125 RR-S. I am very interested in this little devil and I am
  • Vdawg0003's CRF250l/283l build thread
    Hello riders,I wanted to make my own thread a few years ago when I got my first dual-sport but never got around to it because I was more eager to ride, modify
  • Luggage for CRF250 Rally
    Im an new CRF owner, and am hoping to do some lightweight minimalist camping, as well as longer trips to Mx and C.A... leaving the camping gear behind on the